TECH-OLOGY Ltd win new comms room fit out

TECH-OLOGY Ltd and Emerson Network Power have secured the complete turnkey solution for a large clothing retailer’s new distribution center comms room fit out in the UK.

The project was first mentioned to TECH-OLOGY by Emerson Network Power by their telemarketing manager. They had an enquiry from the client in regard to the new building they have taken on a long term lease and that their IT department wanted a turnkey solution and installer.

Tech-ology were issued with the clients performance specification to review and prepare a budget quote for to cover the Power, Thermal Management, IT racks, VESDA, Fire Suppression and environmental monitoring with in the room.

As the client was taking the building on a long term lease the landlord had already started to install the main infrastructure with in the fabric of the building and this in its self can generally cause issues further down the line as very important questions and consideration have not been discussed or agreed.

This in turn will affect the correct product selection and ultimately the client’s wants and needs do not live up to expectations.

Our first issue to clarify with the client was the total future load in the room from this we determined the total power requirement and cooling requirement. Then next step is to find out whether this ultimate load needs to be met by way of modularity and scalable products to help with environmental concerns and cost restrictions.


TECH-OLOGY was then invited to site to have a meeting to discuss our offering, work program and look at the physical room and elements to work with on site.

The final agreed product selections and revised quote was submitted for final sign off by the client and an order was placed on TECH-OLOGY to commence works on site week commencing the 8th December 2014 with a PC of the 19th December 2014.

Below is the list of the final products selected with our key partners.

Emerson :-    APS Modular UPS and batteries

Knurr miracle racks

Rack mounted PDU remote monitoring of UPS system.


NTI:-               Enviromux environmental monitoring system, temp, humidity and leak detection.


VESDA:-          Laser Plus four tube system with relay panel.


Suppression:- ING541 1230 Fire protection Fluid system, wall mounted panel and alarm outputs.


TECHOLOGY are very excited to have won this project, and are firm believers in the attention that needs to be paid by any businesses comms room, data room and data center to achieve a resilient, efficient and reliable room that meets the clients requirements now and in the future.

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