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to deliver Fibre to the Office technology.

TECH-OLOGY partners with NEXANS to provide LANActive Fibre To The Office to its portfolio of services.

The NEXANS LANActive hardware solution utilises passive fibre cabling & FTTO switches to provide Gigabit Ethernet services from the central core switch to an FTTO switch & from there to end user devices via local copper patch leads.

The FTTO solution can be incorporated into an existing network, be utilised in a new design and build project or a network upgrade project. The use of fibre to the desk removes the need for remote cabinets, bolt on network ‘hubs’, or small network requirements in warehouses or large facilities.

The NEXANS FTTO switch range has:

  • More flexibility in network design:
  • no 100m channel length limit, no need to create floor distributors;
  • much less space required for fibre network –both for telecom rooms and for cable trunks
  • Better power delivery –no extra losses on long distances power delivery, as PoE/PoE+ functionality provided from switches installed in work area.
  • Enhanced security –Nexans switches support all relevant security and encryption mechanisms
  • Highest network availability –wide monitoring functionality and much more flexibility in redundant topologies choice with FTTO LAN infrastructure
  • Easer network expansion –FTTO LAN infrastructure allows easy network expansion without new links installation.
  • Future proof solution –no needs in changing/upgrade fibre cabling in case of migrating to higher speeds especially with SM
  • Full compliance to existed LAN standards, including ISO/IEC 11801
  • Capability for fibre redundant network designs

Fibre is the future, and with this solution, installation costs are significantly cheaper than traditional copper installations. The FTTO solution removes the requirement for independent horizontal containment, separation of data cables from electrical services, increased sizing of dado or skirting trunking that is required for cat6a<. Fibre, especially with singlemode, has far greater distance benefits from copper and the reduced requirement for additional satalite cabinets with expensive 24 port+ network switches and local cabling.

With POE built into each port, the FTTO range provides a network alternative that really can be the next change to your network infrastructure. Call or Email for more information.


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