Wireless Networking

As more and more user devices are being brought into businesses to increase productivity, promote individuality, create a free working environment and provide fluidity, the wireless network and connectivity is becoming increasingly strained. What seemed like a sound, future proof investment 3 years ago may now be struggling with the increase in the types of devices and demand on bandwidth as applications become more prevalent. Couple this with a future of intelligent buildings becoming the norm, wireless technology and our need for it will only ever increase.

TECH-OLOGY know how important it is that your wireless users can connect easily, quickly and with the bandwidth they require to make your business efficient. Through detailed ‘active’ and ‘passive’ surveys, we can:

  • Review your existing wireless network and advise on it capabilities
  • Give ‘real’ advise on any improvements or ‘tweaks’ to get the most from your existing wireless network.
  • Advise on the latest wireless technology to aid in business cases or designs, bespoke to you and your requirements
  • Help you design your buildings network infrastructure to support the wireless network now and in the future.
  • Design and consult on new builds, refurbishments or expansions.
  • Give you real time information and guidance for you to make the decisions on manufacturer or installer.
  • Work with you for your business needs and future requirements.
  • Configure and install
  • Provide ongoing support.

TECH-OLOGY’s wireless surveys give a concise, comprehensive overview of your existing wireless network, utilising industry acknowledged survey software, equipment and placement to provide you with the information required to secure the right solution for your needs. Our vendor neutrality means we have the capability to supply and install the right solution for your facility and requirements.

Our planning tools allow you to see wireless coverage from new building plans, ensuring all areas of your new facility have the wireless capability it requires for your first day of operation.

Links and Bridges

TECH-OLOGY also understands that wireless capabilities are not just for the user. Wireless ‘point to point’ or wireless ‘bridging’ between facilities or buildings can offer huge value for data streaming over that of leased circuits from your local provider. Used as either the prominent link between your networks, linking a building or a resilient link for your leased circuit, wireless links provide secure, adaptable data transfer with comparably low cost, fast installation time and vastly superior support facilities.

Whatever your wireless requirement TECH-OLOGY can support and assist you.



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