Power Systems are the critical path for any comms, server room or data centre regardless of its size or complexity.

At TECH-OLOGY, we ensure that the power infrastructure meets our client’s requirements for configuration, resilience and optimum energy efficiency we do this without compromise because we design, deploy and maintain all aspects ourselves in house.
Our leading edge power solutions are not only reliable and robust, but our team also consider the wider impact by looking at all available manufacturers to select the right products for the client’s needs, now and for the future.

TECH-OLOGY are partnered with some of the largest manufacturers of UPS’s, Generators and Switchgear so you can be assured you will get up to date products with the best support in the industry including service backup, simply put  if TECH-OLOGY don’t recommend it, you should not invest your money in it.

Standby power and critical power are the key areas that need to be correct from day one, TECH-OLOGY can offer systems to conform to Tier II, III and Tier IV (N+1), (N+N). TECH-OLOGY offer UPS’s from 500va – 20MW and Generators from 10Kva – 2500Kva which also include low sulphur fuel systems and a large range of acoustic requirements to suit any installation.


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