Get the Right Rack Mount PDU


Colored PDUs Group-Fanned_WEBYou know that a rack PDU can help you improve your uptime and energy efficiency. And that it can help reduce your costs and carbon footprint, but do you know enough about the different kinds? Are you buying the right rack PDU for your data center? Are you getting the most functionality you can get for your data center? And the best value? Buying a rack power distribution unit (PDU) can be confusing – there are so many options and choices today. Basic, Metered, Smart, Switched, POPS, PIPS – and that’s only the PDU families, not the decisions you have to make around the challenges like:

  • Reducing Capital Expenditure
  • Addressing Higher Power Density
  • Load Balancing on 3 Phase PDUs
  • Higher operating Temperatures
  • Criticality of Power Availability
  • Maximising Uptime Using Power Data


Tech-ology can help you with solutions for

  • Low to High Density Solutions
  • Solutions to Improve Uptime
  • Capacity Planning Solutions
  • Telecommunications Solutions, including -48v DC PDU’s for Telco’s
  • Data Collection Management
  • Green Initiatives for Data Centre’s




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