The Data Centre is at the heart of critical infrastructure for organisations large or small, making it increasingly important that network infrastructure owners are able to identify and understand new technologies to ensure the highest available speeds and the greatest availability.

Whether you require a single rack in your building or an entire campus remote from headquarters, it’s unlikely that planning and delivering your Data Centre will be a frequent occurrence – yet it’s crucial you get it right first time. So who do you turn to for help?

We bring over 30 years’ experience in the design and installation of end-to-end solutions, as well as hundreds of years of combined employee experience in designing and installing structured cabling systems that global businesses rely on, today and in the future.

By helping you transform your ideas into the business critical facilities that will meet the growing needs of your business, we can save you time, money and energy. In short, partnering with us means you’re working with a globally-trusted advisor that will ensure the changes you make today will meet the demands of your business tomorrow.

Creating value

Ours is a rich history gained designing and developing solutions and over the years we’ve learnt a thing or two about helping our customers get it right first time.

A relationship with TECH-OLOGY isn’t simply about products; we can provide expert technical support and add real value to every stage of a new site build or during the upgrade of an established site. We can help you create the most efficient design for your data centre to maximise space, energy and cost, wherever it is located.




Datacenter with two rows of computers central view

With the rapid development of IP and cloud-based technologies, understanding the latest technology and connectivity options is a full-time job in itself, so how do you keep up to speed? Our Data Centre service provides a one-stop-shop, whether you’re upgrading, extending or building a new data centre, from providing consultancy support at the design stage, right through to managing the installation.

Making things simple

Find out how we can take the hassle away from setting things up

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