Full installation, testing and Maintenance

Ensuring the products developed and installed are supported and maintained into the future.

TECH-OLOGY’s main objective is to bring the three main elements of any company’s IT infrastructure together. The key part of this is to offer full services catalogue based around the capability to design, deploy and maintain. We believe that we can offer our customers the best vendor neutral synergy solution for their Power, Thermal Management and IT Infrastructure needs.

Alongside our in-house team of consultants, designers, project managers, 70+ installation engineers and support team, we offer full auditing, testing and commissioning services. Coupled with our international approved installers, TECH-OLOGY can design, install, support and maintain your critical IT systems.

Some of the key services we provide are:

•  Consultancy
•  Design
•  Surveys
•  Installation of power, Thermal Management
•  IT Infrastructure
•  Thermal Imaging for power and cooling
•  Air flow management
•  Full Project/Contract Management
•  Testing and Inspection
•  Power Disturbance Analysis and Monitoring
•  Critical Power Installations
•  IT migration services
•  Containerised systems
•  Battery replacement
•  Battery testing
•  Load Bank testing
•  Switchgear LV/MV moves, adds and changes.

Our ‘single point of contact’ service to our customers allows as little or as much control over their systems and support contracts as required. Ongoing auditing and testing ensures your infrastructure is up to date and resilient ensuring their own customer focus is maintained.

TECH-OLOGY will provide any level of support to suit your requirements, from business critical SLA’s to specialist room cleaning.

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