Thermal Management

Whether a data centre houses 2 or 1000 IT racks, deployment of new technologies with high power densities are impacting on the power and the cooling systems that business critical servers and communications devices depend on for their performance and reliability.

Your precision cooling system needs to be able to adapt to changes in density, capacity and availability while still achieving greater operating flexibility, higher system availability and lower total costs of ownership.

TECH-OLOGY understand the challenges of setting up the right infrastructure to support business critical data centre operations and helps respond to any demand by providing innovative solutions, allowing customers to concentrate on their day to day business requirements.

  • Maximize the return temperature at the cooling units to improve capacity and efficiency.
  • Match cooling capacity and airflow with IT loads.
  • Utilize cooling designs that reduce energy consumption.
  • Design for flexibility using scalable architectures that minimizes footprint.
  • Enable data centre infrastructure management and monitoring to improve capacity, efficiency and availability.
  • In house local design and service expertise to extend equipment life, reduce costs and address your data centre’s unique challenges.

You need to take into account all of the above factors to make the most from your investment.  You can then be assured that the product chosen is fit for purpose and will serve you reliably for many years.


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Thermal Management

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