Passive, simple, cost effective and easy to install Best Practices for optimizing airflow in Data Centres of every size

According to Best Practice guidelines of the EU Code of Conduct on Data Centre Efficiency and the Uptime Institute there are simple steps that can be taken to improve Data Centre cooling efficiency by up to 60% or more.  These steps include sealing cable openings in the floor, blanking open spaces in racks, use of variable speed fans in CRAC units and using cold/hot aisle containment with either solid or curtain construction.  With a return on investment within just months our CoolControl products can optimize the entire cooling infrastructure within the Data Centre. In addition our comprehensive CoolControl services (including thermal analysis and full thermal audit) we are able to evaluate your Data Centre and create a solution to increase the cooling efficiency.

Airflow management optimises cold air circulation in the rack: no more hot spots, heat-related server failures, thermal inefficiency and “wasted” cold air


coolcontrol-quickfix-blankingThe flow of cold air and air distribution in the rack of a server room or data centre can be optimised easily, inexpensively and with minimum installation effort: The cure-all is: installing  Quickfix Blanking Panels to seal off open rack units and exposed areas on the side of the rack, installing the correct perforated tile in the rack floor, sealing cable openings and optimally rerouting the flow of cold air for network switches. These measures effectively prevent the formation of hot spots, heat-related failures of servers and other active IT components, the mixing of exhaust gas and cooled air as well as the resulting energy inefficiency when cooling data centres. All of these measures generally pay off within only 3 to 6 months, they lower energy consumption and considerably reduce energy bills in server rooms and data centres:

The better cold air can flow unhindered through the raised floor, the lower the cooling load and the more energy efficiently the hardware can be cooled.


If you want your data centre to meet current energy standards, increase the efficiency of the cooling system and thus considerably cut energy costs, the recommended best practice is to optimise the flow of the cold air in and above the raised floor up to the racks. And this is easy as using our Plenaform Raised Floor Baffle in the raised floor to partition off and direct the flow of cool and hot air in the sub-floor, seal cable openings in the raised floor with our KoldLok koldlok-raised-floor-sealing-solutionsRaised Floor Grommets or CoolControl Integrated Tile seals and distribute the flow of cold air from the raised floor across the entire rack unit with our CoolControl Tile – perforated floor tiles coolcontrol-tile-triadso that the entire rack unit is optimally cooled at every height.

Properly routing hot and cooled air throughout your data centre or comms room will drastically increase cooling efficiency, extend hardware life and reduce environmental footprints. Simple and cost effective air flow solutions can change your data centre or comms room instantly. Our team of experienced surveyors and engineers will advise on the best solution.

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